Yellow wild flowers

My name is Bobbie My favorite place to be is under water.
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im not ignoring your snapchats, im just too ugly to reply at the moment

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Live Moss Carpet is a soft grass carpet that thrives from the few drops of water you leave behind when stepping out of the shower or bath.


the only birth control you’ll ever need

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FRIDAY FRENZY | etsyfindoftheday 4 | 4.4.14
vintage poppies temporary tattoo by pepperink
pepperink’s temporary tats are hipster and trendy and honestly very pretty, like the featured poppy piece or this blue and white floral number.


it’s like that time at a festival when you are so exhausted and all you want to do is sleep but at the same time you want to keep listening and frolicking

My girlfriend and I did this at city and color. It was a night to remember